The OUFC SELECT program is designed to provide the ideal platform for the dedicated and passionate player seeking to play Soccer in High School and beyond. Our goal is to help young players learn to love the game of Soccer and inspire players to become the best competitor and teammate they can be. With our heavy emphasis on growth & development over game results we can take the time necessary for players to become who they want to be. By creating a challenging environment that requires players to think fast, act fast, be willing to make mistakes and then recover fast we can help develop players into competitors and then competitors into Champions.

The OUFC SELECT teams are created during tryouts in late May & early June each year by selecting approx 30 dedicated and committed players for each age group and gender. We then create 2 rosters and work with these players during a Fall Season (August to October), Winter Indoor Season (November to March), and Spring season (March to May). Beginning at age 12 we will begin to create a competitive roster and a developmental roster similar to a Varsity & JV scenario at the High School level so that players of like skill levels can develop at a similar pace. Players can and will move between their age group rosters based on attitude, effort, attendance, coachability, and skill development. The assessment of a players development does NOT end after tryouts and roster assignment. Players are constantly competing over the course of the entire year for playing time and roster spots. This dynamic and challenging environment is essential for players to be pushed and to not stop working and fighting to become better. Nothing can be given and everything must be earned in order for player to reach their true potential.


The OUFC SELECT program offering includes:

  • US Soccer Federation (USSF) Licensed & Experienced Coaches
  • 2-3 Trainings per week (Fall & Spring)
  • 1 League (Fall & Spring)
  • 3 Tournaments (Fall & Spring)
  • Referee Fees
  • Fields set up and maintenance (Paint, Goals, Nets, Flags, and Labor)
  • Club & Team Administration 
  • Winter Training (1/week Jan-Mar)
  • Access to Local Grass & Turf Fields (Facility Rental)
  • Goal Keeper Training
  • Futsal