The OUFC SELECT program is seeking approximately 30 dedicated and passionate players for each age group & gender who plan to play Soccer at the High School level and beyond. Beginning at U11, age groups will begin to be separated into two rosters comprised of a competitive roster and a developing roster to help ensure players of like skills can be in the best setting for maxim growth & development. This can be viewed as similar to a Varsity & JV model used in High School where players can move up or down based on attitude, effort, coachability, team chemistry, and skill. This highly competitive and challenging environment is essential for young players to become the best player and teammate they can be. Competitive Club Soccer is difficult and the game becomes harder and faster each year of a players development cycle. As such, it is absolutely critical to introduce this constant competitive environment in training sessions, scrimmages, games, and tournaments, at the proper age, to best prepare young players for the mental and physical challenges ahead.

Player Evaluations are based on 4 Key Areas:

  • TECHNICAL SKILL ( ability to work with the ball )
  • TACTICAL AWARENESS ( ability to recognize and use space off the ball )
  • PHYSICAL ( ability to handle the speed, physicality, and endurance requirements of the game )
  • PSYCHOLOGICAL/SOCIAL ( ability to maintain emotional control & improve team chemistry )