My player is new to Club Soccer what do I need to know...

Welcome to the world of competitive Club Soccer! Hold on...and try your best to enjoy the ride.

As players and families enter the Club Soccer experience for the first time things can be overwhelming. Competitive Club Soccer is DRASTICALLY different from Rec Soccer. The primary difference is that Club Soccer is an invite only experience for players seeking to the next step in their development. Club Soccer provides players and families access to  professional coaching, teammates of simitar dedication and commitment level, and higher levels of competition in the form Leagues, Tournaments, and additional Training opportunities for a fee. This platform is begins with a player assessment or "tryout" and then moves into the invitation process to join a Club. Not all Clubs are the same. Parents should research the program offerings and culture of multiple clubs to find the best fit for each player and family before accepting a roster invitation. It is most common that a player makes a 1 year commitment to a Club and over that time period the club provides multiple avenues to help a player improve TECHNICALLY, TACTICALLY, PHYSICALLY, and PSYCHOSOCIALLY. The relationship with the player and their coaches and teammates becomes a core component to helping young players develop a heightened level of confidence and independence so that their ability to work hard, over comes challenges, and make quick decisions while under stress improves over time. 

To reduce the chances of frustration and stress we recommend that all involved understand their roles and responsibilities and "stay in their lanes": PLAYERS play the game...COACHES coach the players...REFEREES call the fouls...and PARENTS support their player's team. It's hard to be a parent of player in competitive Club Soccer. It is also very hard to be a Coach and/or Referee. Everyone has both good days & bad days so it's best that everyone respects the roles and responsibilities of everyone involved...and ultimately just let the kids be kids and allow the adults to be role models and mentors. Teachable moments allow young competitors to learn how to deal with adversity and will lead to valuable life lessons far more important that the outcome of game.

The OUFC SELECT teams are created during tryouts in late May & early June each year by selecting approx 30 dedicated and committed players for each age group and gender. We then create 2 rosters and work with these players during a Fall Season (August to October), Winter Indoor Season (November to March), and Spring season (March to May). Beginning at age 12 we will begin to create a competitive roster and a developmental roster similar to a Varsity & JV scenario at the High School level so that players of like skill levels can develop at a similar pace. Players can and will move between their age group rosters based on attitude, effort, attendance, coachability, and skill development. The assessment of a players development does NOT end after tryouts and roster assignment. Players are constantly competing over the course of the entire year for playing time and roster spots. This dynamic and challenging environment is essential for players to be pushed and to not stop working and fighting to become better. Nothing can be given and everything must be earned in order for player to reach their true potential.