At Olentangy United FC...we work tirelessly to provide our players the ideal platform to grow in the game and become the best player and teammate they can to be. Growth & Development is our highest priority versus the "win at all cost" approach of other organizations. As a player centric Soccer Club we choose to invest our time and resources in helping young players discover precisely what they are capable of and how critical their role is within the team dynamic. When players are nurtured and supported to believe in themselves, take risks, and support their teammates then we can help to unlock their full potential. 

Our Vision... is to positively impact the Club Soccer experience by reducing key barriers of entry and demands that lead to players leaving the game too soon. By providing high level training and competition at a reduced fee structure we can help to grow the level of participation. In addition, by choosing to use Columbus and central Ohio based Leagues & Tournaments we can help to reduce the excessive travel demands that many other organizations place on young players and families. We strongly believe that players benefit from playing the game and NOT spending 4 hours in the car to play league games. In the end, we are passionate about growing participation in the game of Soccer and creating life long fans. 

Our Why...we choose COLUMBUS and Central Ohio based Leagues & Tournaments to develop our players and teams because it's in the collective best interest of all players, coaches, and families involved in the game. Columbus Ohio is the 15th largest city in The United States and as a result there is no good reason for 99% of Club players and teams to travel extensively to play. There are quality opponents here in Central Ohio.Occasional over night stays for a Tournament experience can create fun memories but out of State League play simply plays into the "pay-to-play" problem, lends to player burn out, and is detrimental to achieving a higher participation rate of Soccer in The United States. Simply put this becomes a decision between satisfying the self-interest of a Club to justify it's high fees OR what is in the best interest of all involved to grow the game. We choose COLUMBUS.


Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion (DEI)

Everyone has value...

Olentangy United FC's commitment to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) is at the core of our mission and who we are. It fuels our work as we continue to create opportunities for underrepresented populations and fight systemic inequalities through soccer.

This is a shared commitment with our partners, within our organizational systems, across all the programs we offer, and within the communities we work with, as we continue to do our part to build a better future for children.

We value our diverse team and are committed to creating and sustaining a culture of respect and inclusivity in which they can thrive.

Goal 1: Embody Diversity in our Team
We are committed to recruitment and hiring practices reflective of the values of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion. We aspire to reflect the communities we work with at every level of our organization and will identify, attract, and retain diverse, qualified team members.

Goal 2: Foster a culture of Inclusion and Equity
We are committed to creating and fostering a culture of equity and inclusion based on mutual respect and trust. We aspire to foster a workplace that respects each individual as their authentic self, seeks and values diverse perspectives, and ensures each team member is motivated and empowered to actively contribute to the organization’s mission.

Goal 3: Promote Accountability and Transparency
We are committed to embedding DEI into our business operations to make sustained and systemic change as an organization. We will equip our team with systems/processes to measure and report progress and outcomes.

Goal 4: Provide Proactive Continuous Education
We are committed to continuous education focused on DEI and cultural competencies to ensure we develop common knowledge and commitment to embodying DEI. By providing proactive learning opportunities, we strive to increase team member engagement in embracing, supporting, and promoting DEI activities and actions.

Goal 5: Collaborate with External Partners
We are committed to engaging a diverse and inclusive network of stakeholders. We will leverage strong partnerships and a shared commitment to DEI practices to drive systemic change.